Unconditional Love

    May 2000

    Writings for Recovering Offenders
    By Bob Van Domelen 

    Bob Van Domelen, executive director of the ex-gay organization Broken Yoke Ministries, publishes a newsletter for recovering offenders and has written extensively about lessons learned from his own recovery.


    Into the Light. "A bimonthly newsletter for those who deal with child molestation issues and ministering to the offender." [Broken Yoke Ministries


    Darkness Now Light. "The various Wisconsin prison cells I occupied for almost three years were similar: a simple bunk, a small table or desk, and a window with bars that opened no more than a few inches. Other inmates nearby had committed murder, rape, armed robbery, and other crimes. My sentence: first and second degree sexual assault involving young men." [Bridges Across the Divide]

    "It is God Who Heals". "For one such as myself, it is the belief that change can happen through God and the vessels He chooses that continually motivates." [Unconditional Love

    "Not So," Said the Lord. "If Cain's punishment had been immediate death for his action, I think many of us could have understood such a judgment. God was angry; He cursed Cain. But God did not kill Cain. By promising vengeance on the person who killed Cain, God remained connected to Cain."  [Unconditional Love

    Matthew 18.6. "I can't think of a verse which brought me more despair than this verse. What, if not a stumbling block, would the world call the actions of someone like me who molested children? Stumbling block is far too mild a description." [Unconditional Love] [new] 

    God Will Restore What You Cannot. "The plan I had so carefully constructed in my mind was taking on life and moving as I had expected in the years following graduation, but life was not all as I had planned. I had not counted on the depth of my own sexual brokenness. In 1985, I was arrested for molesting and the dream so carefully arranged was over." [Unconditional Love] [new] 

    Are You There, God? "Communities do not see an offender as needing rehabilitation as much as deserving commitment for life. In fact, some states have assigned a life sentence for the crime of child molestation. It comes as no surprise to me that many inmates fail to see God loving them. Most of those who cannot see God also believe that God has abandoned them, turned His back on them forever." [Unconditional Love] [new] 

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