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    Unconditional Love is designed for all adults who are attracted to minors. For that reason, this site links to resources concerning minor-attracted adults who take part in sexual recovery groups as well as to resources concerning minor-attracted adults who do not take part in sexual recovery groups. The editor realizes that some visitors may have undergone traumatic experiences in their lives that make it difficult for them to visit sites containing material that they associate with those experiences. Those visitors may wish to confine themselves to the page or pages within Unconditional Love that will be of immediate use to them. Other visitors are encouraged to explore the whole site.

    Unconditional Love is part of the Philia sites, which provide news and resources to religious support groups for adults who are attracted to minors. The sites offer interfaith and secular material that will be of interest to all minor-attracted adults and to other people seeking information about pedophilia and pederasty. To learn more, please see our home page

    June 2002

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    A Guide to This Site

    For a disclaimer and for contact information for Unconditional Love, see below. Visitors who are concerned about their security should visit the page on Internet security information

    Faith communities, while they may deal with the issue of child sexual abuse within their communities, also deal more generally with the question of the place of minor-attracted adults within their communities. Information on how these communities are tackling the broader issues related to pedophilia and pederasty can be found in the Faith Communities section.

    Boylovers and girl-lovers are adults who are attracted to boys and girls (respectively) and who do not necessarily take part in sexual recovery groups. They hold various views on whether it is appropriate to act on their sexuality. This group, which holds a much wider range of beliefs than is generally known by outsiders, is examined in the Boylovers and Girl-lovers section.

    Sexual recovery groups devoted to pedophilia and pederasty seek to modify the behavior of minor-attracted adults or to change their sexual feelings. Minor-attracted adults who are undergoing sexual recovery and who believe that they have in some way acted on their pedophilic or pederastic desires are called recovering offenders. They may not have offended in the legal sense of the word. Some minor-attracted adults who take part in sexual recovery groups have not acted on their pedophilic or pederastic desires. Material related to recovering offenders and other minor-attracted adults who are undergoing sexual recovery can be found in the Sexual Recovery section.

    The term pedophiles is used at this site to refer to adults who are attracted to prepubescent children, and the term pederasts is used to refer to adults who are attracted to adolescents. (More information is available on the above definitions.) In addition, terms used by minor-attracted adults to refer to themselves are used where appropriate. Visitors should note, though, that many articles originating from outside sources use the term pedophiles either to mean all minor-attracted adults or as a synonym for child molesters.

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    Pedophilia and pederasty are particularly sensitive issues, and it should be understood that the views expressed by people who are quoted or summarized in the articles do not necessarily represent the views of the authors of the articles. The editor is not responsible for any views expressed in articles that are reprinted by Unconditional Love or linked to this site; likewise, a link to a site or the inclusion of an article here in no way indicates that the author necessarily endorses the beliefs of the editor. 

    Unconditional Love is committed to reprinting appropriate material from religious support groups and other religious organizations that work with adults who are attracted to minors. This site's central belief is that all of these groups wish to encourage their members to be guided by religious principles in such a manner as to lead responsible lives.

    Contacting This Site

    The founder of this site is Heather Elizabeth Peterson. If you have any suggestions or comments, please write to infoATphilia.ws. The editor would especially welcome suggestions of links or written material that may be appropriate for inclusion at this site. Links or written material must be religion-related and must be appropriate for adults who are attracted to minors. A limited number of religious resources for sexual abuse survivors can be found on Philia pages devoted to Sexual Abuse in Faith Communities (clergy sexual abuse and ritual abuse) and Sex Offender Recovery Links (which includes general sexual recovery links).

    Unconditional Love does not link to sites containing child pornography.

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