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    December 2001

    Faith Communities

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    Angelica, Jade Christine. "Adults Must Be Educated": Responses by Religious Communities to Child Sexual Abuse. In this passage from her book, A Moral Emergency: Breaking the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse, Jade Christine Angelica argues that religious communities should put their greatest effort into educating adults, since they are the ones who may commit abuse. [Unconditional Love]

    The Church and Sex Offenders. An official report offering guidelines on pastoral support and care of sex offenders. [The Methodist Church of Great Britain]

    Fager, Chuck. Challenges for Ministry and Mission. An article describing how a Quaker meeting struggled with the question of whether to accept back as a member a pedophile who had been convicted of child molestation. [A Friendly Letter]

    Faith Communities' Statements on Pedophilia. Documents issued by faiths and denominations that mention pedophilia and pederasty. [Unconditional Love]

    Forgiving Sex Offenders Needs a Hard Heart. Comments on the balance achieved in the Church of England's Meeting the Challenge report. [Church Times]

    Harries, Richard. Child Protection. The Anglican Bishop of Oxford cautions that legitimate anger over child sexual abuse should not blind people to the fact that pedophiles are "fellow human beings." [Diocese of Oxford]

    . Mary Bell. Bishop Harries warns that it is "deeply unhealthy" to demonize pedophiles.  [Diocese of Oxford]

    Invitation To The Table. A forum and resources for pastors and other church leaders seeking to minister to adults who are attracted to minors.

    Lewis, C. S. Eros Upside Down. Passages about pederasty from the autobiography of a Christian apologist. [Unconditional Love

    Meeting the Challenge: How Churches Should Respond to Sex Offenders. A paper issued by the Board for Social Reponsibility in the Church of England. It includes recommendations on pastoral care for sex offenders and a section on the roles of anger and forgiveness in Christian congregations. Available only as a Rich Text Format file (the link leads to a Web page with the download information). [The Church of England

    Pederasty in the Bible. This section lists and reprints articles showing the scholarly debate over possible references to pederasty in the Bible. [Unconditional Love

    Telling Clergy That You're Attracted to Minors. A short discussion of clergy confidentiality, with a link to the mandatory reporting laws of the U.S. states. [Unconditional Love


    Croucher, Rowland. Sex and Pastors. A collection of articles on pastoral issues connected with clergy sexual misconduct. [John Mark Ministries

    GraceWorks: The Clergy Recovery Network. The forums section includes a discussion board for male clergy who are recovering from sexual addiction, as well as a discussion board for spouses of sexually addicted clergy. 

    Horst, Elisabeth A. Boundaries. A board member from the Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute describes the boundary confusion that affects some clergy offenders. [Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute]

    Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute. "The Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute is a joint creation of Saint John's Abbey and University with a national interdenominational leadership board of women and men, victims, offenders, practitioners in the helping and legal professions, academics, writers, and church leaders." The organization concentrates on clergy sexual abuse; the site includes resources for sex offenders. 

    Jenkins, Philip. Christian Values and Therapeutic Values. In this excerpt from his book Pedophiles and Priests, Philip Jenkins examines the impact that the mental health community's values may have on Christian doctrine. [Unconditional Love

    Kinney, John F. Welcoming Address to the ISTI Conference. A Catholic bishop urges faith communities to search out the root causes of clergy sexual abuse. [Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute

    Residential Services for the Church. Clinical services provided for British clergy who have been accused of sexual abuse.[Ray Wyre Associates

    Ruth, Richard. Treating Offenders and Survivors of Faith. A clinical psychologist who has treated clergy offenders talks about the role of faith in therapy. [Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute

    Sexual Abuse in Faith Communities. Links on clergy sexual abuse and ritual abuse. [Unconditional Love

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