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    May 2000

    Christian Boylove Lives
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    Starting Anew

      Searching God for an Explanation. By Ken. "John became upset, I could tell he had a very hard time dealing with the issue. He almost told me to go to Hell right then and there . . . but, being the wonderful Christian that he is, was able to contain his hatred and attempt to continue to love and guide me in Christ."

      Sin and Boylove. By Oliver. "I can't describe the type of love I have for children because it is spiritual in nature, many Christians understand and call this love Agape and it is stronger than the erotic love of my orientation."

      My Journey . . . This Far. By Bach. "About one year ago I chose to 'come out' to my employer and church community. Because I work for a Christian church agency this meant that I risked losing my job and my faith community. The courage that my brothers and sisters in Christ have shown as they walk with me and support me on my journey has been nothing less than awe-inspiring."

      An Update. By Ken. "While I've always been reasonably sure that I can contain my feelings and not rape a child or anything like that, there's always been the concern in my mind that my feelings might get strong enough to interfere with my work in some form. I now know that I can't let that happen, and God will back me up to make sure it doesn't."


    Telling My Pastor. By Mark. "My weekly meetings with my pastor continue. He is the only person in my regular life that knows I am homosexual, but I haven't come out to him as a boylover. I'm still wondering if I should."

    Discovering God. By Ben. "I cannot tell you how inspired I am by what is happening to me. To have lived a completely Godless life and to combine that with the pain, frustration and loneliness that comes with being a boylover, makes this all the more meaningful for me."

    Christianity and Boys' Lives. By Isaac, F.O.D., and Ben. "The way I feel about being involved in Christianity as a boy is, on the surface, the same way Finkelhor and company feel about man-boy sexuality i.e. though it might have been positive at the time, it was negative later."

    A Christian at a Secular Boylove Forum. By DannyBoi. "Yes, I am a Christian. I am a Boylover. God made me the way I am (in my belief system, not imposing it on anyone), so the two can't be mutually exclusive. But excuse me I should not have to choose between my faith and my orientation in order to find support here."

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