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    December 2001

    Boylovers and Girl-lovers

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    Christian Boylove Forum. "Most Christian boylovers find themselves in the position of having no one to turn to who share their faith as well as their sexual feelings. This [discussion] board attempts to fill that gap by providing a friendly, safe place where we can be honest about our feelings and struggles with sexuality and faith, without fear of destructive criticism or harassment. . . . NonChristians and nonboylovers are welcome to post here; we especially welcome posts from Christian pedophiles who are not boylovers." The site includes a prayer room.

    Christian Boylove Lives. Posts from the Christian Boylove Forum, describing boylovers' lives and thoughts. [Unconditional Love]

    Distefano, Mark. Shame, Fear, Love, and the Gospel. A Christian boylover recounts his developing thoughts on how to reconcile his sexual feelings with his faith. [Unconditional Love]

    [Drifter]. The Pedophilia and Christianity FAQ. A boylover explores some of the questions that Christian boylovers and girl-lovers may have. [Unconditional Love

    LifeLine. A nonsectarian site providing a chat room and e-mail contact for people in the boylove and girl-love communities who are considering suicide.

    Mader, D. H. "One in Christ Jesus". The assistant pastor of a Dutch church that ministers to adults who are attracted to minors examines the meaning of St. Paul's proclamation that "there is neither Jew nor Greek." [Unconditional Love]

    Paraklesis. A quarterly publication of the Christian Boylove Forum. "Its purpose is to provide mutual support and encouragement for Christian boylovers, to discuss ethical, spiritual, and emotional issues surrounding boylove, to encourage responsible behavior, and to promote dialog and understanding." 

    Shultz, Tim. Surfer Boys: Boylove on the Internet. A youth pastor describes his encounter with boylovers and what he learned from them. [Home Page

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