Invitation to the Table

    Within our worshipping communities there are members who are living with an attraction to minors. These people know all too well what the consequences of sharing about their sexual attraction would mean for them and their families. Minor-attracted adults seek the same kind of fellowship, guidance and support as other faith community members who are struggling to be a light in the world. As Christians who are committed to the Biblical principles of love and compassion, how can we minister and journey with persons attracted to minors? This site hopes to be of assistance to those seeking to deal with these issues.

    Invitation to the Table is part of the Philia sites, which provide news and resources to religious support groups for adults who are attracted to minors. The sites offer interfaith and secular material that will be of interest to all minor-attracted adults and to other people seeking information about pedophilia and pederasty. To learn more, please see our home page

    January 2003

    Table of Contents

    Statement of Principles Invitation to the Table is a forum for raising awareness in the Christian Community about the struggles of adults who are attracted to minors. Together, we will search for solutions to address the needs of the community for young people to be safe, parents to feel comfortable, and minor-attracted adults to be respected and encouraged to develop their gifts within the community of believers.

    Resource Listing The links listed here may be of interest to pastors and other church leaders wishing to minister to adults who are attracted to minors. At present, most guidance on this subject is focused upon minor-attracted adults who have committed sex offenses; guidance remains scarce on ministering to minor-attracted adults who have not committed sex offenses.

    Invitation to the Table

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