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    September 2000



    Not Guilty: Jury Frees Killer Cop in Minutes. By Stefanie Balogh. Former NSW detective Said Morgan was acquitted of murder yesterday despite admitting he had taken the law into his own hands to shoot dead an alleged child molester. [The Australian]

    Detective Denies Cold-Blooded Killing. By Stefanie Balogh. Former New South Wales detective Said Morgan yesterday denied he had shot a man dead in cold blood or that the killing was an act of revenge for two relatives allegedly sexually molested by the man. [The Australian]

    Killer Cop Would Do It Again. By Stefanie Balogh. A former New South Wales detective who described yesterday how he pumped six shots from his service revolver into an alleged child molester charged with preying on two of his young relatives denied acting as judge, jury and executioner. [The Australian]


    Police Alarm as Paedophiles Seek Refuge in Ireland. By Cahal Milmo. Vigilantes have driven high-risk abusers across the Irish Sea, where the authorities fear they may strike again. [The Independent]

    Jury is Out on Merits of Sex Offender Register. By Catherine Cleary. What people do with the information has been controversial. The Californian system resulted in death threats, beatings, vigilante protests and false accusations. [The Irish Times]

    Burning of Man's Home Investigated. Gardaí investigating the burning of the home of a convicted paedophile in Kiltimagh, Co Mayo, are appealing for witnesses. [The Irish Times]


    Outcry as Italian Press Names Paedophiles. By Richard Owen. The Italian Union of Journalists agreed that Libero's move was "highly irresponsible". It said that in Britain the attempt to "name and shame" paedophiles had led to vigilante violence in Portsmouth, and may have caused two suicides. [The Times]

    Two Paedophiles Murdered in Italy. By David Willey. Two convicted paedophiles have been shot dead near their homes in Naples, shortly after being released from prison pending an appeal. [BBC]


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