Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles

    September 2000



    The Said Morgan Case. By I. Humphrey. At a time of hysteria about paedophilia, an Australian policeman takes justice into his own hands, and at his own admission shoots an alleged paedophile 6 times. A jury acquits him in 20 minutes. Has the jury system failed us? Or has the justice system simply failed those wronged in child abuse cases? [Home Page]

    A Green Light for Police Vigilantism. By Peter Symonds. The Said Morgan acquittal has implications which go far beyond the immediate circumstances of the particular case. Its logic is that alleged child molesters, and other suspected offenders, have no right to a trial, nor to the presumption of innocence. [Worker News Online]


    Protecting Children. Those convicted of abusing within their own families, who are unlikely to pose a threat to children outside it, and even those convicted of assaulting adults, will, under our proposed legislation, be on the register. If it is accessible to the public they will potentially fall prey to the kind of mob violence and intimidation recently witnessed in Britain. [The Irish Times]


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