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    September 2000

    United States


    U.S. Paedophile Law "Like Putting Gasoline on Fire". By Ben MacIntyre. Four years after the US Congress passed a law forcing states to inform communities when a convicted sex offender moves into the area, the fairness and effectiveness of the so-called Megan's Law remain a source of bitter dispute. [The Times]

    How Americans Responded to Megan's Law. By Michael Ellison. The measure against paedophiles continues to divide the nation. [The Guardian]


    Vigilante Beating Raises Questions About Sex-Offender Registry. By Alex Lyda. Faced with a choice between convicts' privacy and the public's right to know about sex offenders, the Texas Legislature sided with the latter. The decision cost Thinh Pham his front teeth. Now he fears leaving his home. [The Associated Press]

    Fair Warning or Fair Game? By Jeffrey Weiss. Backers say the right to know about sex offenders overrides risk of vigilante violence. [The Dallas Morning News]

    The New Scarlet Letter. By Krys Fluker. Proponents say the information is vital for parents who want to protect their children from the possibility of molestation or worse. But across the country, offenders have been hounded out of jobs and homes, even threatened with physical harm, once their status was made public. [The Daytona Beach News-Journal]


    Teen Sex Offender Leaves School After Receiving Death Threats. A central Iowa high school student on the state's sex-offender register might have to quit school altogether because of the situation, a family friend said. [The Associated Press]

    Dilley Sex Predator Case Draws Wider Scrutiny. By Rosario Dazio. Wendy Brewton expected her only son to come home today after serving nearly five years in prison for stalking and sexually assaulting two 10-year-old girls. Instead, the 50-year-old mother is selling her 28-acre home. The peaceful place has turned ominous, with some threatening to shoot Jonathan I. Hawes or burn down his mother's manufactured mobile home. [The Oregonian]

    Neighbor Arrested in Megan's Law Vigilante Case. Soon after Jimmy Johnson received a flier notifying him that a high-risk sex offender lived in the neighborhood, he shot a gun five times into the house where the man lived, police and a family friend said. [The Associated Press]

    Vigilantism Against Offenders. A sex offender's house was shot up Tuesday in what officials say was the first apparent vigilante incident since New Jersey began implementing Megan's Law. [Reuters]

    Death By Notification. By Jerry Schwartz. Harassed by knowing neighbors, a molester may have seen only one way to escape his past. [The Associated Press]


    Double Punishment?By Judith Sheppard. Megan's Law requires officials to release the names and addresses of sex offenders when they move into a community. It also confronts news organizations with the ethical dilemma of whether they should print or air them. [American Journalism Review NewsLink]


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