Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles

    September 2000

    United States


    Freeman-Longo, Robert E. Revisiting Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration: Prevention or Problem. Since the passage of the Jacob Wetterling act and Megan's Law, there have been many instances of violence toward sexual abusers and innocent persons. (The article is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat to read. It includes a bibliography of related articles.) [American Probation and Parole Association]


    Blaring Sex Offenders' Names, Faces on Internet Penalizes the Innocent. By Margie Boulé. Of course people should be warned about sexual predators in their neighborhoods. But what if past offenders become the victims of assault because this information has been made available? What if innocent people mistakenly become the targets of attacks? [Oregon Live]

    Yes, He Molested His Daughter. Will an Internet Listing Hurt Her, and His Son, Further? By Margie Boulé. A few years ago someone put up signs at John's former apartment complex. "Sex offender living in Apartment 14," the signs said. The landlord already knew of John's history. But now others knew. "Somebody threw a rock through my son's bedroom window in the middle of the night." [Oregon Live]


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