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    September 2000

    United Kingdom

    SEPTEMBER 2000

    Vigilante Victim Has Jail Term Cut. By Geoffrey Gibbs. A man found guilty of indecently assaulting young girls in a St John Ambulance group run by his wife has been given a reduced jail sentence because a vigilante attack destroyed his home. [The Guardian]

    Paedophile Attackers Jailed. Two vigilantes have been jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for attacking a notorious paedophile. [BBC]

    "Everyone Has a Right to Know My Son-in-Law is a Pervert". By Steve Boggan. After another attack on an innocent family, a woman has flown from Canada to warn of child abuser's release from prison. [The Independent]

    AUGUST 2000

    The Estate that Declared War on Paedophiles. By David Taylor. Families here share the same dread of paedophiles attacking their children which turned the people of Portsmouth's Paulsgrove Estate into rioting vigilantes. But the way they deal with those understandable fears could hardly be more different. [The Express]

    "Suspicious" Fire at Paedophile's Home. Police are investigating a suspicious fire at the home of a convicted paedophile. The fire damaged the home of Roger Gardener, 56, who is awaiting sentencing for assaulting two girls aged 12 and 13. [BBC]

    Hostels in Prisons to House Sex Offenders. By Ian Burrell. By building them in prison grounds it is hoped to provide more protection to the public while reducing the risk of vigilante action against suspected paedophiles. [The Independent]

    Rough Justice for Ulster's "Paedophiles". By Henry McDonald. The IRA thought they had beaten and shot an elderly paedophile. [The Guardian]

    Vigilantes Get Life for Ferocious Execution. Three men, who tortured and then executed a suspected paedophile, were jailed for life yesterday. [The Express]

    MAY 2000

    Community Closes Ranks After a Paedophile is Shot Dead. By Steve Boggan. Malcolm was murdered in February by two men who knocked on his door in Manor Park, east London. Yet, after three months of investigations, police are no nearer catching the killers. His is a murder no one wants solved, because he was a paedophile. [The Independent]

    APRIL 2000

    Jailed Sex Attackers Fear Freedom After Vigilante Death of Paedophile. By Ian Burrell. A succession of vigilante attacks against paedophiles has sent a "wave of fear" through prisons, causing terror among sex offenders awaiting release. [The Independent]

    FEBRUARY 2000

    Man Jailed for Beheading Son's Lover. Anthony Phillips, 43, was convicted of murdering next door neighbour Lorraine Howell, 34, in her Wolverhampton home after he found out his 17-year-old son Jamie had fathered her daughter. [BBC]

    Deadly Result of Naming and Shaming. By Cole Morton. Time is running out for paedophiles. Not just because of the large-scale police inquiries into child abuse at care homes in Lambeth and Birmingham, or the search for the missing 28 suspects named in the Waterhouse report. No, the really frightening thing for sex offenders lying low this weekend must be the prospect that vigilantes will find them first. [The Independent]

    Witness Plea After Paedophile Killing. Bill Malcolm, 44, jailed for sex attacks on children, was gunned down at his flat in Forest Gate. [BBC]

    Revenge Killers Hit Sex Monster. By John Twomey and Kathy Moran. Two hitmen shot dead a notorious child molester in what may be the first vigilante revenge attack in the wake of this week's paedophile revelations. [The Express]


    I Pushed Paedophile off Cliff, Says Victim. A sex abuse victim charged with murder told a court yesterday how he pushed a paedophile who molested him as a child over a 200ft cliff. [The Telegraph]

    Paedophile "Thrown off Cliff in Revenge". By Michael Fleet. Edwin Wilcox began praying as he was pulled to the edge of Culver Cliff on the Isle of Wight, but because he prayed for just himself and not his victims, Christopher Thomas pushed him off, Winchester Crown Court was told. [The Telegraph]


    Defend the Children. By Vivian White. In Yeovil, Somerset, public fear has turned to anger.  A child sex killer, Sidney Cooke has been released from prison. [BBC]

    Hysteria Toward Paedophiles "May Increase the Risk". By Philip Johnston. Public hysteria of the sort witnessed after the release of the child killers Sidney Cooke and Robert Oliver was jeopardising round-the-clock supervision of sex offenders and risked driving them underground, it is being claimed. [The Telegraph]

    Vigilantes "Putting Children at Risk". By Sean O'Neill. Vigilante attacks and the "outing" of paedophiles are putting children at risk by destroying operations to monitor their activities, probation officers have said. [The Telegraph]


    Child Sex Vigilantes Batter Wrong Man. By Tim Reid. A pensioner has been badly beaten and covered in paint by a gang who mistook him for a paedophile named in a local campaign to publicly identify convicted child sex offenders. [The Telegraph]


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