Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles

    September 2000

    United Kingdom


    Community Spirit is the Way to Protect Children. This scheme will do far more than the mob violence, which has only promoted the paedophile's image as an anonymous bogeyman. The residents of Whitehawk are addressing the far more real problem of abuse by people the youngsters already know. [The Express]

    Remember the Other Victims, Too. By Natasha Walter. If we start by discussing the murder of Sarah Payne, we can move on to projecting our loathing of strangers, our hatred of the monster in the white van, the madman, the devilish outsider. If we start by discussing the murders of certain other children, we might have to move on to more complicated territory, such as the violence that lives within families, and the terror that children experience when their own parents turn against them. [The Independent]


    Ex-Offenders a Greater Risk if Driven Underground. By Penelope Dening. Unless the general public accepts at some level the need for calm, the danger is that sex offenders will go underground, thus becoming a far greater risk to the community. [The Irish Times]

    Call Off the Lynch-Mob. By Matthew Paris. Sooner or later, someone is going to be lynched, beaten to pulp or torched. Those politicians who have added to these flames should examine their consciences. [The Sunday Times]

    Is Fear Itself the Greatest Danger? The very idea of a balance between the rights of children to live in safety and the supposed rights of the paedophile strikes people as grotesque. But fear itself is a destructive factor, and one that is destroying communities and families. (Includes interviews with a vigilante and with a victim of vigilantes.) [LM]


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