Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles

    September 2000

    Suggestions to Prevent Violence Against Adults Who are Attracted to Minors

    1. In discussions of pedophilia and pederasty (especially media reports), discourage inflammatory language, sensationalism of the facts, and demonization of minor-attracted adults.

    2. Urge that law enforcement agents and government officials listen to and address the concerns of citizens over child sexual abuse, so that citizens will not conclude that vigilante violence is their only option.

    3. Spread knowledge of efforts that are made by minor-attracted adults (both ex-offenders and non-offenders) to prevent child sexual abuse.

    4. Join with other people fighting against violence (such as child protection organizations and hate crime opponents) to examine how violence arises against vulnerable and feared members of society.

    5. Encourage the study of ways in which to protect the human rights of both minor-attracted adults and children.

    The above list is based upon suggestions made by concerned commentators during the "Name and Shame" riots against British sex offenders in 2000. Noncommercial use of this page is granted, provided that the copyright notice below is included and credit is given to Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles.

    © 2000 Heather Elizabeth Peterson


    © 2000 Heather Elizabeth Peterson
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