Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles

    This site is dedicated to preventing violence against adults who are attracted to minors or against people who are wrongly thought to be pedophiles or pederasts.

    Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles is part of the Philia sites, which provide news and resources to religious support groups for adults who are attracted to minors. The sites offer interfaith and secular material that will be of interest to minor-attracted adults and to other people seeking information about pedophilia and pederasty. To learn more, please visit our home page.

    September 2000

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    A Guide to This Site

    PVAP does not condone sexual abuse committed against children, nor does it believe that people who have committed such abuse should escape justice. The methods by which to prevent child sexual abuse, including punishment issued by judicial authorities, are an appropriate matter for societal discussion. PVAP does not intend to shortcut such discussion or to suggest that child sexual abuse not be dealt with properly by communities.

    The belief of PVAP is instead that vigilante violence is always wrong, and that such violence begets more violence. The news articles linked to this site show that many law enforcement agents and child protection organizations believe that their work to prevent child sexual abuse is being severely hampered by violence against people who have committed child sexual abuse or who are thought to have committed such abuse.

    Some of the people who are the focus of vigilantism have committed child sexual abuse; some are minor-attracted adults who have never committed abuse; some are adults not attracted to minors who are mistakenly thought to be attracted to minors. In the present day, all of these people are in danger of being threatened, physically attacked, or murdered.

    PVAP does not take sides on controversial issues such as sex offender registries; it simply suggests that any societal solution to the problem of child sexual abuse must include the prevention of violence against adults who are attracted to minors or against people who are wrongly thought to be pedophiles or pederasts.

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    Wollongong Murders (Australia): News
    "Name and Shame" Riots (United Kingdom): News and Editorials

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    World: News and Editorials

    Suggestions to Prevent Violence Against Adults Who are Attracted to Minors
    Organizations Opposing Violence Against Adults Who are Attracted to Minors
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    The goal of Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles is to prevent violence against pedophiles (adults who are attracted to prepubescent children), pederasts (adults who are attracted to adolescents), and others who are mistaken for them. (More information is available on the above definitions.) Individuals mentioned at this site, whether minor-attracted or not, should not be assumed to have committed child sexual abuse if not otherwise stated. It should be noted that the articles linked to this site often use the term "pedophiles" as a synonym for "child molesters."

    Pedophilia and pederasty are particularly sensitive issues, and it should be understood that the views expressed by people who are quoted or summarized in the articles do not necessarily represent the views of the authors of the articles. The editor is not responsible for any views expressed in articles that are reprinted by Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles or linked to this site; likewise, a link to a site or the inclusion of an article here in no way indicates that the author necessarily endorses the beliefs of the editor. 

    Contacting This Site

    The founder of PVAP is Heather Elizabeth Peterson. If you have any suggestions or comments, please write to The editor would especially welcome suggestions of links that may be appropriate for inclusion at this site.

    PVAP does not link to sites containing child pornography. 

    Healing Together

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