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    September 2000

    Wollongong Murders (Australia)

    AUGUST 24, 2000

    Aunt Says Valera's Father Lied to Save Son. Murder victim Jack Van Krevel loved his murderous son Mark Valera so much he lied for him in the witness box in the hope it would save him from a life in prison, a family member said today. [Australian Associated Press]

    AUGUST 21

    Murder Accused to Get Psychiatric Help in Jail. An unemployed man accused of killing the father of double murderer Mark Valera will receive psychiatric and medical care in jail. [Australian Associated Press]

    AUGUST 20

    Man Held for Death of Mate's Father. A 21-year-old Wollongong man made a brief court appearance yesterday, charged with the murder of his best friend's father. [The Sunday Telegraph]

    AUGUST 19

    Man Being Questioned Over Slaying of Killer's Dad. Jack Van Krevel, 48, who was accused in court of physically and sexually abusing his killer son from the time he was seven, was discovered slumped in a front room of his Albion Park Rail house around 3 am (AEST) yesterday. [Australian Associated Press]

    Man Charged Over Murder. A 21-year-old man has been charged with the murder of the father of a man convicted of killing former Wollongong Lord Mayor Frank Arkell and a local shopkeeper. [The Daily Telegraph]

    Murdered Man on Son's Death List. By Les Kennedy. Mr Jack Van Krevel knew he was the third intended victim on a killing list drawn up by his 21-year-old son, Mark, whose hate for his father was so intense that he changed his surname to Valera. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

    AUGUST 2

    Valera's Story Does Not Add Up, Says Prosecution. An accused man's story that he had sex with Frank Arkell on the night he bludgeoned and strangled the former Wollongong mayor to death did not add up, a jury was told today. [Australian Associated Press]

    JULY 30

    Satan on Trial for Two Murders. By Liz Hannan. That Valera killed is not in dispute. His lawyer as described his crimes as "god awful". The jury must decide if Valera was suffering from an abnormality or impairment of mind when he killed. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

    JULY 28

    Arkell Had "Hooked" Accused. By Jenny Dennis. Former Wollongong lord mayor Frank Arkell played the boy who eventually killed him "like a fish on the end of a line'', a Wollongong court heard. [The Illawara Mercury]

    JULY 27

    Accused Listed His Potential Victims. "Who will be my number three?" accused killer Mark Valera wrote inside an A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers after the slayings of Wollongong Mayor Frank Arkell and shopkeeper David O'Hearn, a court was told yesterday. [Australian Associated Press]

    Accused Admits He Studied Serial Killers. By Jenny Dennis. Valera claims years of sexual abuse at the hands of his father drove him to kill both Mr O'Hearn and Mr Arkell. [Illawara Mercury]

    JULY 26

    Accused was Alive When Valera Left His Flat, Court Told. Frank Arkell was alive but severely injured when Mark Valera left the former Wollongong Mayor's granny flat in June 1998, the man accused of his death said today. [Australian Associated Press]

    I Was Arkell's Lover Before I Killed Him. Mark Mala Valera alleged yesterday that for more than a year before he killed him he was a casual lover of former NSW MP Frank Arkell. [The Daily Telegraph]

    Arkell Killer Tells of Sex Visits. By Jenny Dennis. Accused double murderer Mark Valera told a Wollongong court yesterday he and  Frank Arkell were involved in a sexual relationship for more than a year. [The Illawara Mercury]

    JULY 25

    Valera Had Sex with Arkell for Over a Year, Court Told. Mark Valera said he had been in a sexual relationship with Frank Arkell for more than a year before the former Wollongong lord mayor's death in June 1998. [Australian Associated Press]

    Accused Murderer Says Dad Sexually Abused Him. A man accused of murdering former Wollongong lord mayor Frank Arkell has told a Supreme Court jury that his father physically and sexually abused him several times a week from the age of seven. [Australian Associated Press]

    Happy After Two Killings. By Jenny Dennis. Flatmates of accused double murderer Mark Valera found him to be unusually happy in the hours immediately after Dapto shopkeeper David O'Hearn was killed and mutilated, a Wollongong court has heard. [The Illawara Mercury]

    JULY 19

    Anger Drove Man to Kill Arkell. After killing and mutilating his first victim, Mark Mala Valera calmly walked to his home just a few houses away and kissed his waiting girlfriend hello, a court heard yesterday. [The Daily Telegraph]

    JULY 15

    Arkell Case Told of Notes to Karate Hero. By Jenny Dennis. In the 25 months since Frank Arkell and David O'Hearn met their gruesome deaths, the man accused of their murders has written more than 30 letters to his hero martial arts expert Rodney Day. [The Illawara Mercury]

    JULY 13

    Sex Claim in MP's Death. By Naomi Toy. Mark Valera carried out the killings of two elderly men when he was still a teenager because he was angry and he felt he wanted to kill someone. [The Daily Telegraph]

    Satan Blamed for "Godawful" Killings. By Allison Jackson. A man who believed he was Satan bludgeoned to death the former Wollongong mayor and State MP Frank Arkell and shopkeeper David O'Hearn, whose head he kept as a trophy, because they reminded him of his abusive father, a court heard yesterday. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

    JULY 12

    Accused Considered Keeping Man's Head. A 20-year-old Wollongong man considered keeping the head of a businessman as a trophy after he spent an hour mutilating the body, a Supreme Court jury was told. [Australian Associated Press]

    OCTOBER 1, 1998

    Man Admitted to Wollongong Murders, Court Told. A 19-year-old man had admitted to police he murdered former Wollongong mayor Frank Arkell and local shopkeeper David O'Hearn, a court was told today. [The Age]

    Arkell Murder: Teenager Questioned. A Wollongong teenager arrested in relation to the murder of two men, including alleged paedophile and former Wollongong mayor Frank Arkell, has been questioned by police for nearly 15 hours. [Australian Associated Press]

    Man Questioned Over Arkell Murder. New South Wales police are interviewing a 19-year-old Wollongong man this morning over the murder of former Wollongong MP and alleged paedophile Frank Arkell. [Australian Associated Press]

    AUGUST 30

    Wonderful Wollongong. By Gareth Robinson. Accusations of sexual assaults against under-age boys were made against Frank Arkell. Two months ago, the former city mayor was bashed to death in his Wollongong home. [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]

    AUGUST 28

    Arkell Murder Produces Clue. A hypnotist has helped a witness recall the face of a man detectives are seeking in relation to the brutal murder of former Wollongong mayor Frank Arkell. [Australian Associated Press]

    JULY 5

    Public Lives and Private Perversions. By Caroline Overington. In the week before his death, Arkell told his lawyer, Mr Phillip Boulten, that he was frightened for his life. [The Age]

    JULY 4

    Killer Wins Kudos in City Hard as Steel. By Stefanie Balogh. In possible revenge killings like Arkell's, sympathy often lies with the killer because, it is claimed, they have an understandable motive. [The Australian]

    JULY 1

    Arkell Murder Link to Hate Killings. By Les Kennedy. Police will investigate possible links between the murder of former State MP Mr Frank Arkell and two other suspected pederast or gay hate killings. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

    JUNE 29

    MP Links Murder to Abuse. Former New South Wales MP Frank Arkell might have been murdered by a paedophile network to silence him or in a revenge attack by one of his victims, a state MP said yesterday. [Australian Associated Press]

    Horrid Death for Ex-Mayor Accused of Pedophilia. By Owen Pike. Frank Arkell was wearing his Rotary Club badge when he died. It was jammed into the bloody pulp that was formerly Arkell's face. [Tabloid News Services]

    JUNE 28

    Grisly Slayings May Have Sex-Revenge Link. By Liz Hannan and Alex Mitchell. New South Wales police are investigating links between the murder of a former state MP facing child-sex charges and the killing of a 60-year-old man, whose body was found sexually mutilated and decapitated. [The Age]

    Murdered Former MP Bashed to Death. By Bronwen Gara, Sonia Milobanic, and Nathan Vass. Former NSW MP and accused pedophile Frank Arkell was at the centre of a savage hate campaign in the months leading up to his bashing murder. [The Sunday Telegraph]


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