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    Interfaith News on Sexual Recovery

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    Articles listed on this page originally appeared in the "Sexual Recovery" section of Philia. Their inclusion here is not intended to indicate that the individuals named in the articles are necessarily minor-attracted adults, or that the individuals necessarily support minor-attracted adults.

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    Support Groups and Other Organizations 

    Support Groups and Other Organizations 


    U.S.: Seminar Held on Prison Ministry to Sex Offenders. Two workshops on sex offenders were part of a one-day seminar held in Winter Park, Florida, for people involved in prison ministries. 

    U.S.: Prison Fellowship Shares News of "Into the Light". "Into the Light," a newsletter for recovering offenders that started with 43 subscribers in May 1997, now has over one thousand subscribers, thanks in part to a testimony published by the Christian organization Prison Fellowship.


    U.S.: Ex-Gay Web Site Offers Resources to Minor-Attracted Adults. Exodus International North America, an umbrella group of Christian sexual recovery ministries, posted a Web site in January that allows visitors to locate local organizations that minister to adults who are attracted to minors.


    World: Offenders and Survivors Gather Again to Heal Together. Following the demise of the Internet's most active set of forums for recovering offenders and abuse survivors, Healing Together has brought the participants of AReASON together once more. The new site includes a discussion board devoted to spiritual healing.


    U.S.: Ex-Gay Ministry Starts Support Group Devoted to Pedophilia. Metanoia Ministries, a Christian sexual recovery organization in Seattle, Washington, is planning to begin a support group for men who are sexually attracted to boys.

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