September 2000

    Editorial Policy and Disclaimer

    Philia does not publish articles that take sides in religious issues or proselytize (try to persuade readers to accept a religious faith). Nor does it publish articles that denigrate any faith or lack of faith. The magazine will, however, publish articles that objectively describe the beliefs and practices of particular faiths, report news both positive and negative about particular faiths, and quote people who take sides in religious issues or proselytize, where such quotations are necessary to provide balanced coverage of the news. 

    Pedophilia and pederasty are particularly sensitive issues, and it should be understood that the views expressed by people who are quoted or summarized in the articles do not necessarily represent the views of the authors of the articles. The editor is not responsible for any views expressed in articles that are reprinted by Philia or linked to this magazine; likewise, a link to a site or the inclusion of an article here in no way indicates that the author necessarily endorses the beliefs of the editor. 

    Philia is committed to providing balanced news on religious support groups and other religious organizations that work with adults who are attracted to minors. This magazine's central belief is that all of these groups wish to encourage their members to be guided by religious principles in such a manner as to lead responsible lives.


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