June 1999

    Christian Boylove Forum Issues Statement Opposing Child Abuse
    By Heather Elizabeth Peterson

    As the result of a series of critical messages posted by outsiders, the Christian Boylove Forum (CBF) plans to add a statement to its Frequently Asked Questions that makes clear to visitors the forum's opposition to child abuse.

    CBF is an online support group for Christian men "who are sexually and emotionally attracted to boys." The statement was originally drafted last year by the forum's Webmasters when a journalist enquired as to CBF's stance on child sexual abuse.

    The statement reads as follows:

    "Christian Boylove Forum participants believe that a distinction must be made between feelings of attraction (which are not chosen) and behavior (for which one must be held responsible). We believe that boylovers can control and channel their feelings so that their relationships with boys are beneficial and honor God. We are strictly opposed to any treatment of children which is contrary to the love that God intends us to have for them. This includes the manipulation, coercion and abuse of children.

    "We provide a forum for both support and accountability for our posters, attempting to help them critically examine their decisions and actions. Posts which do not reflect the webmaster's point of view are not deleted. Dialogue is begun to help all parties reflect on their views. All views are permitted and challenged."

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