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    Sexual recovery news related to clergy sexual abuse and ritual abuse is located in the Faith Communities section.

    September 2001

    Religious Society of Friends Encourages Circles of Support for Sex Offenders

      U.K.: Inner Circle. By Rosemary Harthill. The circle model has worked successfully in Canada for six years. If this new model works here too, it could radically improve the care and supervision on release of some of the more dangerous of Britain's 100,000-plus convicted sex offenders. [The Guardian]

      U.K.: Interest Grows in "Circle of Support". Interest continues to grow in the idea of circles of support and accountability for sex offenders released from gaol. [Quaker News]

      U.K.: First "Circle" for Sex Offenders. Quaker endeavour for the rehabilitation of sex offenders is having an effect. [Quaker News]

      U.K.: Caring for Sex Offenders - Okay, But What About the Victims? A child abuse victim and the editor of Quaker News discuss recent articles. [Quaker News]

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