November 2000

    Baumstark Narrows Focus to Christian Mission
    By Heather Elizabeth Peterson
    Translations from the German by Michael Roessler (Dgennero)

    The founder of Germany's Christian site for minor-attracted adults is seeking to rework the site to tighten its focus.

    Baumstark-online's forums and inner pages have been offline since last spring as the founder, Andreas, has sought a new direction for the site. Andreas founded Baumstark in 1997 after he had "persecuted . . . mercilessly" the minor-attracted adults he met on the Internet while seeking to fight against child pornography.

    In a post to a temporary discussion board set up unofficially by one of Baumstark's administrators, Andreas said that he had become concerned that the messages at Baumstark's general forum were increasingly on the topic of praising current sexual encounters between adults and children, which he believes went against the original mission of Baumstark. 

    In addition, he said, Baumstark's general forum was founded at a time that no other German-language forum existed for minor-attracted adults. Now that several secular forums exist, Andreas feels that a general forum at Baumstark is unnecessary.

    In describing his vision for the future, Andreas said, "So, what would be rewarding for the future, and possible and necessary today, is the return to the original goal of baumstark to be precise: Christian support for pedophiles with the special feature of discussion between Christian pedophiles and heterosexual Christians."

    Andreas is now seeking Christian or Christian-friendly minor-attracted adults to assist him in rebuilding the site.

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