September 2000

    BoyChat Welcomes Permanently Celibate Boylovers
    By Heather Elizabeth Peterson

    The secular boylove organization Free Spirits has revised its mission statement to acknowledge the presence at its discussion board BoyChat of boylovers who plan never to engage in sex with boys, even if societal conditions should change.

    The mission statement, which receives periodic revisions, states that the members of BoyChat are united in their opposition to "non-voluntary sexual contact," but admits that they are divided on further issues related to sex between men and boys.

    The mission statement has acknowledged the existence of BoyChat members who believe that "some boys are harmed when their repeated requests for love and intimacy are rejected," as well as members who believe that "men should not have sexual contacts with boys when boys seek it because they don't want to risk society's harmful reaction." Until now, though, no mention has been made of boylovers who are celibate for reasons other than fear of society's negative reaction.

    The statement was revised in mid-September to mention the additional existence of boylovers who believe that "they should never have sex with boys under any circumstances." 

    No reason is given in the statement why boylovers might hold this view. Members of BoyChat who fall into this category have expressed various reasons for holding this belief; among them, some Christian boylovers have stated their personal opposition to having sex with boys on the basis of their religious beliefs.

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