September 2000

    CBF Webmaster Pleased by Charisma Article
    By Heather Elizabeth Peterson

    Bach, Webmaster of the Christian Boylove Forum, says that he "applauds" a conservative Christian news service for asking CBF to present "our side of the story." Charisma News Service published an article on the discussion forum in its September 29 issue.

    The article quotes representatives of the Americans for Truth Project and Focus on the Family, who criticize the concept of a forum for Christian boylovers, stating that such a forum could have a destructive effect on its members. In the article, Bob Van Domelen of Broken Yoke Ministries expresses his favor toward the concept of support groups for minor-attracted adults, but says that he does not believe at this time that an online forum can have the proper amount of accountability that such a group requires.

    The article, which was written by Charisma editor Andy Butcher, also contains remarks from Bach describing CBF's view of its mission, as well as a quotation from CBF's "Statement on Abuse." The article describes CBF as "a support network for Christians struggling with pedophilia," and says that the group "was founded two years ago as a safe place for believers to discuss their attraction to children . . ."

    In a post to CBF members, Bach said that the remarks by him were quoted in context, and added that the article "presents a balanced view of criticism that has come our way."

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