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Web Resources

Original Sources

Alexis (ed.). Boys in Stories. Literary passages on ancient, medieval, and modern pederasty. [Home Page]

The World History of Male Love Library. The sections entitled The Eternal Debate, Poetry, and Fiction include original source material from ancient to modern times, including Non-Western writings. [The World History of Male Love]

Secondary Sources

Bullough, Vern L., and Bonnie Bullough (eds.). Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia. See also the frames version of Human Sexuality and the ZIP file of Human Sexuality. Historical information on adult-adolescent and adult-prepubescent attraction is littered throughout this large site. See especially Sexual Customs of the Ancient Greeks (William A. Percy), Homosexuality and Lesbianism: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Liesl L. Gambold), Literature: Erotic Themes (Veronica Diehl Elias), Pederasty in Ancient and Early Christian History (William R. Stayton), Taoism and Sex (Fang-fu Ruan), and Additional Sources of Sex Information (for tips on further research). [The Archive for Sexology]

DeMause, Lloyd. The Institute for Psychohistory. The editor of The Journal of Psychohistory has written extensively on the history of child abuse, including the history of child sexual abuse. This site collects books and articles from a variety of authors. It includes DeMause's writings on this topic, such as "The History of Child Abuse," "The Universality of Incest," "On Writing Childhood History" (concerning criticisms of the author's work), Foundations of Psychohistory (with a chapter on "The Evolution of Childhood"), and The Emotional Life of Nations (with a chapter entitled "Childhood and Cultural Evolution," which criticizes anthropological accounts of adult-child sex in New Guinea).

Dunne, Bruce. Power and Sexuality in the Middle East. Looks at how institutions such as pederasty have informed Middle Eastern views of sexuality throughout history. [Middle East Report]

Eisenberg, Daniel. "La escondida senda": Homosexuality in Spanish History and Culture (PDF). Published as the Introduction to Spanish Writers on Gay and Lesbian Themes: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook, ed. David William Foster. Includes a discussion of pederasty's role in Spain. The link leads to a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat to be read. [Home Page]

. Research Topics in Hispanic Gay and Lesbian Studies. Contains brief passages on pederasty in Spain and Turkey. [Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter/Home Page]

Eskridge, William N. The History of Same-Sex Marriage. A chapter from the author's book, The Case for Same-Sex Marriage. Includes descriptions of pederastic marriages in and outside the West.

Francouer, Robert T. (ed.). The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. See also the frames version of The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality and the ZIP file of International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. Divided by country. The historical information includes references to adult-adolescent and adult-prepubescent attraction. [The Archive for Sexology]

The GLBTQ Information Pages. See also the frames version of The GLBTQ Information Pages. A large though eclectic Web directory and bibliography; note that each section contains several pages. See especially the following sections: "Queer or Homo-History," "Community Attributes & Problems: Intergenerational Relationships" (includes historical links), and "Male Prostitution: Adolescent/Young Adult" (follow the link to "History of Male Prostitution"). A good source for scholarly information not available elsewhere.

Halsall, Paul. A New Field The History of Gender and Sexuality? Scroll down to Section VII. Discusses considerations in the historical study of homosexuality and heterosexuality, including the role of age dissonance. [Medieval Europe]

. People with a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History. The Web's largest directory of gay history links, centering on Western history, and including information on pederasty. Includes extensive links to original sources.

The History of Education and Childhood. An international archive of links and source materials on the history of education and the history of childhood, including the history of child abuse. While this site has supposedly been taken offline, some of its contents are still available through the above Google link.

History of Sexuality. A resource site for historians of sexuality.

Journal of Homosexuality. Lists tables of contents and abstracts.

Journal of the History of Sexuality. Lists tables of contents.

Macnamara, Donna. History of Sexual Violence. An overview of rape laws throughout Western history, with a consideration of how the age of the female influenced punishments. []

Rowse History Centre. Links to passages about gay history, with information on pederasty. [The Knitting Circle]

Wood, Gregory. The Making of the Gay Tradition. Chapter One of A History of Gay Literature. Includes a discussion of poems celebrating the love of boys. [Yale University Press]

The World History of Male Love. An international history of male homosexuality, with information on pederasty; especially strong in art history. Includes original sources.


Bibliographies and Book Reviews

Other Bibliographies

Blaschke, Stefan. History of Rape: A Bibliography. A thorough listing. Includes alphabetical, chronological, geographical, and topical indexes, as well as a search engine.

Christopher Robin's Child-Adult Loving List. Historical resources are mainly found in the "Writers and literature" and "History" sections.

Eder, Franz X. SexBiblio: Bibliography of the History of Western Sexuality, 1700-1945. The searchable database contains 16,600 titles. Covers the history of sexuality in Europe, the U.S., and Canada during the time period mentioned.

Halsall, Paul. Homosexuality in History: A Partially Annotated Bibliography. Includes original sources. [People with a History]

History of Love and Marriage. A multi-page bibliography.

Human Sexuality Collection. In addition to the bibliographies, the "Sexuality Research Guide" page offers guidance in conducting research on sexuality. [Cornell University Library]

Ianthe. A Starting Point for Research into Arabic Traditions of Male-Male Erotic/Sensual/Sexual Relationships. Concentrates on pederasty. [University of Maryland Diversity Database]

Norton, Rictor S. Bibliography of Gay and Lesbian History. Divided by period and location.

Population Index. By typing in the subject "age marriage" at the search engine, you can locate writings on this subject, including historical reviews of the age at marriage. In addition, articles on this subject appear in each issue in section G.1 (Marriage and Divorce). [Popular Index]

Radow, Roy. Books Available. An annotated list of books related to boylove. Historical books are found throughout the list, particularly in the final section, entitled "Tales from Around the World." [QRD]

Original Sources

Wilhelm, James J. Gay and Lesbian Poetry: An Anthology from Sappho to Michaelangelo. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, vol. 1874. New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1995. Composed primarily of pederastic poems.
Review by Ralph Hexter of Gay and Lesbian Poetry [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]

Secondary Sources

Geraci, Joseph (ed.). Dares to Speak : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Boy-Love. Gay Men's Press, 1997. This volume of essays from Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia includes historical studies of pedophilia and pederasty.
Review by Anthony Smith of Dares to Speak [Screaming Hyena Reviews, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]
Murray, Stephen O., and Will Roscoe (ed.). Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History and Literature. New York: New York University Press, 1997. A collection of essays that includes articles on various aspects of pederasty in Islamic history.
Review by Mohammed Bamyeh of Islamic Homosexualities [Ahbab]

Ancient (Through 500 A.D.)

Web Resources

Original Sources

Ancient Greek Art. Links to images of pederasty in Greek art. [Eagle and Cup]

The Age of Marriage Partners (first century B.C.). A brief Roman inscription concerning marital age. [Marriage in Ancient Rome]

Early Teachings on Homosexuality. Passages on homosexuality from the Church Fathers; includes references to pederasty. [Catholic Answers]

Halsall, Paul (ed.). The Ancient Mediterranean. Extensive links to original source material on homosexuality including links to writings on pederasty are available in the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome sections. [People with a History]

Hesiod. Theogeny (c. 700 B.C.). An excerpt that mentions the ideal age for the marriage partners. [Ancient History Sourcebook]

Xenophon. Oikonomikos (c. 370 B.C.). An excerpt in which a husband instructs his fourteen-year-old bride. [Ancient History Sourcebook]

Secondary Sources

Arkins, Brian. Sexuality in Fifth-Century Athens. Includes brief discussions of pederasty, adult-adolescent marriages, and boy prostitutes. [Classics Ireland]

Blum, Elisa. Homoerotic Images in Greek Vase Painting. An analysis of Greek pederastic art, with links to samples. The essay ends with a brief discussion of female pederasts. [originally posted at Trinity University]

Collins, Andrea Marie. Hadrian and Antinous. An essay on a Roman emperor's pederastic relationship with a servant. [Home Page]

Edward Perry Warren. Excerpts from news articles about the Warren Cup, a Roman silver cup depicting a man having sex with a youth, and a youth having sex with a boy. [The Knitting Circle]

Gay Loving Cup Bought by Museum for 1.8m [Brent Payton's Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Homepage, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]
Konstan, David. The Pre-Pubescent Lover in Greek Literature. The title is misleading; the essay actually explores literary examples of Greek women who were sexually drawn toward adolescent boys. [Diotima]

Leithart, Peter J. The Biblical Sources of Western Sexual Morality. The section on "Socrates and Sodomy" discusses the philosophical and religious basis of pederasty in classical Greece. [Contra Mundum]

Martin, Thomas. An Overview of Classical Greek History from Homer to Alexander: Marriage and Divorce. Mentions briefly the ages of the married couple, with links to primary sources. [Perseus Digital Library]

Parker, Holt N. Sappho Schoolmistress. The author argues that the ancient desire to depict Sappho as loving girls is the result of "something quite familiar to feminists: the wholesale restructuring of female sexuality and society on the model of male sexuality and society." [Women and the Polis]

Pederasty in the Bible. Links to articles showing the scholarly debate over possible references to pederasty in the Christian Bible. [Unconditional Love]

The Perseus Digital Library. An enormous database of classical texts and images. Through keyword searchs such as "man youth" it is possible to locate images that depict pederasty and adult-adolescent marriages.

Smith, Donny. Straton of Sardis: The Boyish Muse. A short account of the writing and publication of an ancient Greek anthology of pederastic poems. [Home Page]

Snook, Jennifer, and Betsey Halpern. Sappho's Legacy. Discusses the question of Sappho's sexuality, examining a poem by Sappho in which the narrator addresses a young girl. [Women in Antiquity]

Thornton, Bruce. Excerpts from Eros: The Myth of Ancient Greek Sexuality. Discusses Greek attitudes toward homosexuality and pederasty, and contrasts them with modern attitudes. [Historical Perspectives on Gender Orientation]

Who's on Top. An article on bisexuality in Rome, with a discussion of Roman attitudes toward pederasty. [Handy Ancient History Homepage]

Wilson, D. Pederasty. A brief description of Greek pederasty, with links to related art. [Classical Origins of Western Culture]

Ancient (Through 500 A.D.)

Bibliography and Book Reviews

Other Bibliographies

Bar-Ilan, Meir. Bibliography of Childhood in Antiquity. Includes links. [Home Page]

Diotima's Bibliography. This site on classical gender studies includes bibliographies of classical sex, prostitution, rape, children and childhood, weddings, and marriage. [Diotima]

Secondary Sources

Calame, Claude. Choruses of Young Women in Ancient Greece: Their Morphology, Religious Role, and Social Functions. Translated by Derek Collins and Jane Orion. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 1997. Believes that Greek women had erotic relationships with girls.
Review by André Lardinois of Choruses of Young Women in Ancient Greece [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]
Calame, Claude. L'Eros dans la Grèce antique. Paris: Éditions Belin, 1996. Argues that the fundamental division in Greek sexual relationships was not between active and passive partners, but between asymmetric adult-adolescent relationships (both homosexual and heterosexual) and mutual adult-adult relationships.
Review by Robert F. Sutton, Jr. of L'Eros dans la Grèce antique [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]
Canterella, Eva. Bisexuality in the Ancient World. Translated by C. O. Cuilleain. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1992. Contends that pederasty played different roles in Greece and Rome.
Review by Eva Stehle of Bisexuality in the Ancient World. [Scholia]
Clarke, John R. Looking at Lovemaking: Constructions of Sexuality in Roman Art, 100 B.C. to A.D. 250. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998. Discusses the artistic evidence of the nature of Roman pederasty.
Review by William S. Anderson of Looking at Lovemaking [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]

Review by E. J. Haeberle of Looking at Lovemaking [The Archive for Sexology]

Review by Barbara Kellum of Looking at Lovemaking [CAA Reviews]

Review by Sheldon Nodelman of Looking at Lovemaking [Art in America]

Demand, Nancy. Birth, Death, and Motherhood in Classical Greece. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994. Examines the effect of early marriage on Greek women.
Review by Mark Golden of Birth, Death, and Motherhood in Classical Greece [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]

Response to Mark Golden by the author of Birth, Death, and Motherhood in Classical Greece [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]

Dover, K. J. Greek Homosexuality. A classic work that transformed scholarly views on Greek pederasty.

Hallett, Judith P., and Marilyn Skinner (ed.). Roman Sexualities. A collection of articles on Roman sexuality, including discussions of pederasty and of Sappho's attraction to a youth.

Review by Craig A. Williams of Roman Sexualities [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]
Konstan, David. Sexual Symmetry: Love in the Ancient Novel and Related Genres. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994. Argues that, in ancient novels, heterosexual couples were depicted as equals, while homosexual couples were depicted as men and youth in asymmetric relationships that lack erotic reciprocity.
Review by James Romm of Sexual Symmetry [Bryn Mawr Classical Review]

Review by Simon Swain of Sexual Symmetry [Scholia]

Percy, William Armstrong, III. Pederasty and Pedagogy in Ancient Greece. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1996. Examines the social role of Greek pederasty. See also the table of contents.
Review by Mark Anthony Masterson of Pederasty and Pedagogy in Ancient Greece [International Gay and Lesbian Review]

Review by Cashman Kerr Prince of Pederasty and Pedagogy in Ancient Greece [CLGH/People with a History]

Review by Robert Rouselle of Pederasty and Pedagogy in Ancient Greece [Psychohistory]

Sergent, Bernard. Homosexuality in Greek Myth. Boston: Beacon Press, 1986. Argues that Greek myths featuring homosexual relationships were founded upon pederastic initiation ceremonies.

Thornton, Bruce S. Eros: The Myth of Ancient Greek Sexuality. Boulder: Westview Press, 1997. Believes that Greek pederasty and marriage were parallel though flawed institutions based upon a wiser view of sexuality than is held by modern people. See also these excerpts from Eros.

Review by J. Donald Hughes of Eros [Psychohistory]

Review by Robert Rouselle of Eros [Psychohistory]

Medieval and Early Modern (500 to 1800)

Web Resources

Original Sources

Bentham, Jeremy. Offences Against One's Self (c. 1785). Originally entitled Paederasty. The author argues in favor of pederasty, providing ancient examples. [Stonewall and Beyond]

De Sade, Marquis de. La Philosophie dans le Boudoir (1795). In this excerpt, de Sade argues that laws should not be passed against a variety of acts, including having sex with children. [New Hampshire College]

The Goodman of Paris (1392-1394). A document written by an elderly Parisian merchant for his fifteen-year-old bride. [Medieval Sourcebook]

Haddith Collections: About Marriage (9th century). Includes passages about men's attraction to prepubescent and adolescent girls. []

Halsall, Paul (ed.). Early Modern Europe. The Texts sections contain links to original sources on homosexuality, including material on pederasty. [People with a History]

. Medieval Homoerotic Texts. Includes poems referring to youths. [Medieval Sourcebook]

Norton, Rictor (ed.). Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England: A Sourcebook. Several of the documents deal with pederasty or pedophilia. [Gay History and Literature]

Sa'di. The Gulistan, or Rose Garden (1258). A Persian classic that includes stories about the love between men and youths. [People with a History]

James Ross translation (1890) of The Gulistan [Medieval Sourcebook]

Secondary Sources

The Age of Marriage. Presents statistics from the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods to oppose the view that females in Renaissance England married when they were quite young. [Shakespeare's Life and Times]

Dauphin, Claudine. Brothels, Baths and Babes: Prostitution in the Byzantine Holy Land. Includes information on boy and girl prostitutes. [Classics Ireland]

Merrick, Jeffrey. Commissioner Foucault, Inspector Noel, and the "Pederasts" of Paris, 1780-3. Reviews what criminal records show about men arrested in late eighteenth century Paris for homosexual acts, including sex with prepubescent or adolescent boys. [Journal of Social History]

Norton, Rictor. Gay History and Literature. Concentrates on Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with material on pederasty. Includes original sources and a general bibliograpy.

Simpson, Antony E. "The Mouth of Strange Women is a Deep Pit": Male Guilt and Legal Attitudes Toward Prostitution in Georgian London. An examination of prostitution in London in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with a consideration of child prostitution. [Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture]

Van der Heijden, Manon. Women as Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence in Seventeenth-Century Holland: Criminal Cases of Rape, Incest, and Maltreatment in Rotterdam and Delft. Includes passages on the rape of girls. [Journal of Social History]

Articles about Muhammed's marriage to a young girl, which was consummated when she was nine.

Aisha Bte Abu Bakr. An encyclopedic entry on Muhammed's marriage to his third wife. [Comparative Index to Islam]

Squires, Abu Iman 'Abd ar-Rahman Robert. The Young Marriage of 'Aishah, Mother of the Believers. Discusses the cultural context of Muhammad's marriage. [Muslim Answers]

What Was Ayesha's Age at the Time of Her Marriage? An argument that Muhammed's bride was in late adolescence at the time she married. [Islam Awareness]

Medieval and Early Modern Europe (500-1500)

Bibliography and Book Reviews

Other Bibliographies

Children in the Middle Ages. Annotated. [ORB]

Merrick, Jeffrey. Homosexuality in Early Modern Europe. [Home Page]

Secondary Sources

Rocke, Michael. Forbidden Friendships: Homosexuality and Male Culture in Renaissance Florence. Examines the evidence concerning sexual relationships between Florentine men and adolescent boys.
Review by Louisa Parker Mattozzi of Forbidden Friendships [Essays in History]

Review by Paul Varnell of Forbidden Friendships [Independent Gay Forum]

Trumbach, Randolph. Sex and the Gender Revolution, Volume One: Heterosexuality and the Third Gender in Enlightenment London. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1998. Discusses some of the reasons why pederasty became stigmatized in the eighteenth century.
Review by Lesley A. Hall of Sex and the Gender Revolution [History of Sexuality]

Review by Robert Shoemaker of Sex and the Gender Revolution [Reviews in History]

Wright, J. W., and Everett K. Rowson. Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature. Includes information on Arabic pederasty.
Review by Philip Purchase of Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature [International Gay and Lesbian Review]

Review by Seth Ward of Homoeroticism in Classical Arabic Literature [South Atlantic Review]

Modern (1800 to Present)

Web Resources

Original Sources

Albert, Moll. The Sexual Life of the Child (1912). Chapter Eight focusses on pedophilia. [Books Reborn]

Bloxam, John Francis (1894). The Priest and the Acolyte. A short story about a twenty-eight-year-old priest who falls in love with a fourteen-year-old acolyte. [People with a History]

Booth, General William. In Darkest England and The Way Out (1890). The author describes problems faced by the poor, including child prostitution. [Project Gutenberg]

Burton, Richard Francis. Terminal Essay: Pederasty (1885). A world history of pederasty, which appeared as an index to this translator's edition of Arabian Nights. [People with a History]

Carpenter, Edward. The Intermediate Sex: A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women (1908). Includes a defense of the love between younger and elder youths, with historical examples. [People with a History]

. Ioläus: An Anthology of Friendship (1908). An anthology of quotations on homosexuality from ancient to modern times, with passages on pederasty. [People with a History]

Klinger, Pawel. Vita Sexualis: The Truth About Human Life (1939). Chapter Five mentions age differences in marriage; Chapter Seven discusses pedophilia; Chapter Fourteen reviews sex laws protecting children. [Books Reborn]

Symonds, John Addington. A Problem in Greek Ethics (1873-1901). A history of Greek pederasty. Other writings by Symonds are also available at this site. [The John Addington Symonds Pages]

Walter. My Secret Life (1888-1894). An online edition of a diary kept by a Victorian gentlemen about his sexual encounters, including his encounters with child prostitutes.

Secondary Sources

Bardaglio, Peter W. White Girlhood, Rape, and the Courts in the Postbellum South. Looks at how attitudes toward race influenced the development of laws governing age of consent in the South. [History of Childhood Conference, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

Doezma, Jo. Loose Women or Lost Women? Looks at how narratives of white slavery serve as a cultural myth. Includes a discussion of the history of campaigns against white slavery and a consideration of the role of the victim's youth. [Commercial Sex Information Service]

Evans, Hugh. The Much Maligned Toilet Seat: Child Sexual Abuse and Toilet Design. The abstract of an article describing how the belief held by physicians between 1880 and 1930 that toilet seats spread gonorrhea to little girls demonstrates attitudes toward child sexual abuse during that time. [UAB Historical Collections, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

Freedman, Estelle B. "Uncontrolled Desires": The Response to the Sexual Psychopath, 1920-1960. This 1987 article from The Journal of American History describes changing views in the U.S. of men who commit sex crimes, including crimes against children. [Home Page, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

Ianthe. Famous British Paedophiles. Presents snippets from the literature and biographies of British men of the nineteenth and twentieth century who have been said to be pedophiles. Includes a bibliography covering this period.

Leach, Karoline. "Lewis Carroll": A Myth in the Making. Discusses how the idea developed that Lewis Carroll was a pedophile. [The Victorian Web]

Lindenmeyer, Kriste. Adolescence, Marriage, and Parenthood in the Twentieth Century U.S. Examines how attitudes toward child marriage changed during the twentieth century. Includes a discussion of how male and female ages for marriage came to be equalized. [History of Childhood Conference, as archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

Lively, Scott, and Kevin Abrams. The Pink Swastika. A controversial book claiming that many Nazis were pederasts.

The Annotated Pink Swastika. An annotated edition which seeks to disprove the authors' thesis. [Gay/Lesbian International News Network]
Maynard, Steven. "Horrible Temptations": Sex, Men, and Working-Class Youth in Urban Ontario, 1890-1935 and Notes to "Horrible Temptations". A look at sexual relationships between men and boys in Canada in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. See also the framed version of "Horrible Temptations", which includes Zip and PDF files. [Ipce]

Pilon, Marilyn. Canada's Legal Age of Consent to Sexual Activity. Includes a section that briefly discusses the history of Canadian age of consent laws. [Canada's Parliament]

Reisman, Judith A. A Personal Odyssey to the Truth. The author describes her research into "Kinsey's child molestation protocol." See also Judith Reisman's site. [Institute for Media Education, as archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

Controversy over Alfred Kinsey's Research. The Kinsey Institute reacts to charges that the sexologist derived his 1948 data on childhood sexuality "from federally funded sexual molestation of children." [The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction]
Stevenson, Kim. Observations on the Law Relating to Sexual Offences: The Historic Scandal of Women's Silence. Describes British laws against sexual offenses during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The article touches upon the historic lack of protection of prepubescent and adolescent girls from assaults by older men. [Web Journal of Current Legal Issues]

Thorstad, David. Pederasty and Homosexuality. Traces the history of the pederast movement in Germany during the early part of the twentieth century. [NAMBLA, as archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

Townsend, Chris. A Picture of Innocence? Examines the change in societal attitudes in Victorian and modern times toward nude pictures of children. [History Today]

Articles about the campaign by W. T. Stead against child prostitution in Victorian England.

Fisher, Trevor. Josephine Butler: Feminism's Neglected Pioneer. Looks at Butler's relationship with W. T. Stead in their campaign against child prostitution. [History Today]

Irwin, Mary Ann. "White Slavery" as Metaphor: Anatomy of a Moral Panic. Describes the nineteenth-century concern in England that girls and women were being sold to foreign brothels. [Commercial Sex Information Service]

Payne, Jennifer. The Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 and Sexual Assault on Minors. A description of how the British law was passed. [Home Page]

Petrie, Glen. Excerpts from A Singular Iniquity: The Campaigns of Josephine Butler. Discusses Butler's campaign against prostitution, including child prostitution. [Sunshine for Women]

The W. T. Stead Resource Site. Includes original and secondary sources, a bibliography, and links to articles on child prostitution in Victorian times.

Modern (1800 to Present)

Bibliography and Book Reviews

Other Bibliographies

Ianthe. The Social Construction of "the Paedophile" in England Between 1850 and 1950. [University of Maryland Diversity Database]

Murdoch, Lydia Dale. The "White Slavery" Debate: Suggested Readings. Writings related to Victorian concern with the abduction of women and girls into prostitution. [Victorian Research Web]

Secondary Sources

D'Arch Smith, Timothy. Love in Earnest: Some Notes on the Lives and Writings of English "Uranian" Poets from 1889 to 1930. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1970. Describes the work of a group of English poets who wrote about their love for boys.

Jackson, Louise A. Child Sexual Abuse in Victorian England. Women's and Gender History. London and New York: Routledge, 2000. Investigates how child sexual abuse was handled in England during the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Kincaid, James R. Child-Loving: The Erotic Child and Victorian Literature. New York: Routledge, 1992. Examines Victorian attitudes toward pedophilia.

Review by Susan Honeyman of Child-Loving (summary of Child-Loving reviews on page two) [Criticism]

Review by Henry Lawton of Child-Loving [Psychohistory]

Review by Ralph Underwager of Child-Loving [IPT Journal]

Walkowitz, Judith R. City of Dreadful Delight: Narratives of Sexual Danger in Late-Victorian London. London: Virago, 1992. Compares Victorian press campaigns against child prostitution with press coverage of Jack the Ripper.
Review by Lesley A. Hall of City of Dreadful Delight [History of Sexuality]


Web Resources

Original Sources

Hinsch, Bret (ed.). The Homosexual Tradition in China: Selections from Chinese Homosexual Literature. [People with a History]

Secondary Sources

Murray, Stephen O., and Will Roscoe. Homosexuality in "Traditional" Sub-Saharan Africa and Contemporary South Africa. A chapter from Boy Wives and Female Husbands: Studies in African Homosexualities. Includes passages on African pederasty. The text is available only in PDF format, but an HTML translation can be made through the Adobe PDF Conversion Tool. As the book title suggests, pederastic marriages are examined in detail. See also the authors' African Terms for Same-Sex Patterns. [Le Seminaire Gai]
Arora, Poonam. Devdas: India's Emasculated Hero, Sado-Masochism and Colonialism. Includes passages examining the attitude of a 1917 Bengali novel (subsequently turned into several films) toward marriages between young girls and older men. [Jouvert]

Average Age at Marriage India. A table showing the ages at marriage for men and women from prior to 1951 to 1991. [MedIndia]

Child Marriage: Research and Analysis. Articles on the history and present practice of child marriage in India, with some references to adult-adolescent and adult-prepubescent marriages. [Global Reproductive Health Forum]

Dhital, Rupa. Child Marriage in Nepal. Includes a section on the history of child marriage in Nepal, with a brief reference to marriages between young girls and older men. [CWIN-Nepal]

Homosexuality in the Korean Historical Record. A brief discussion of pederasty in ancient and medieval Korea. [Asian Gay and Lesbian Resources]

McLelland, Mark (Dharmachari Jñanavira). Homosexuality in the Japanese Buddhist Tradition. Looks at the way in which the Japanese Buddhist priesthood and the samurai military caste elevated the youthful male body above that of female bodies. [Western Buddhist Review]

Nural Islam, M., and Ashraf U. Ahmed. Age at First Marriage and its Determinants in Bangladesh. Analyzes the statistics of the marital ages for males and females in Bangladesh in the twentieth century. [Asia-Pacific Population Journal]

Szonyi, Michael. The Cult of Hu Tianbao and the Eighteenth-Century Discourse of Homosexuality. Includes a discussion of the role of pederasty in eighteenth-century China. [Late Imperial China, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]

McCaa, Robert. Child Marriage Among the Aztecs. The author concludes that "all indicators support the hypothesis of extremely precocious marriage for females," while males "marry substantially older than females." An outline for a slide show of Child Marriage Among the Aztecs and and animation show of Child Marriage Among the Aztecs. [Home Page]

. Families and Gender in Mexico: A Methodological Critique and Research Challenge for the End of the Millennium. A discussion of the demographics of family and gender in Mexico in the sixteenth, eighteenth, and twentieth centuries. Includes a discussion of the ages at marriage. [Home Page]

Herdt, Gil. The Sambia Tribe (New Guinea). Excerpts from the work of this anthropologist, concerning pederasty between prepubescent and adolescent boys. [PRD]

Moffat, Michael. The Sambia. Examines Gil Herdt's research on homosexuality in Sambia, New Guinea. The younger boys taking part in this ritual are ages seven to thirteen. The essay also discusses the subsequent sexual relationships between the adolescent husbands and their prepubescent wives. [Famous Cultures, archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine]


Bibliography and Book Reviews

Secondary Sources

Murray, Stephen O., and Will Roscoe. Boy Wives and Female Husbands: Studies in African Homosexualities. Includes passages on African pederasty. See also the excerpts from the introduction to Boy-Wives and Female Husbands and a chapter from Boy-Wives and Female Husbands.
Review by Reginald Harris of Boy-Wives and Female Husbands [The Blackstripe]

Review by Gert Heckma of Boy-Wives and Female Husbands (scroll down) [Behind the Mask]

Hinsch, Bret. Passions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990. A historical survey of Chinese attitudes toward homosexuality, including pederasty. See also this excerpt from Passions of the Cut Sleeve.
Review by JW of Passions of the Cut Sleeve [Yawning Bread]
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